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As part of the Helteko Collaborator Program, we offer exciting paid content opportunities across various platforms to help you monetize your creativity while showcasing our products. We have 2 options: Digital Creators and Affiliate Programs.

Digital Creators Program

Influencers & Digital Creators

We're excited to invite influencers, digital creators, and bloggers to join us in showcasing our products to your audience. We believe in the power of authentic storytelling and meaningful partnerships to create impactful content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

To join this program send an email to:
or apply the form bellow.

Social Media Opportunities

TikTok Video

Create entertaining and engaging TikTok videos featuring Helteko products. Earn compensation for your creativity and influence.

Instagram Reels

Showcase our products in action through dynamic and visually appealing Instagram Reels. Get paid for each Reel that highlights Helteko products.

Youtube Video

Produce in-depth reviews, installation guides, or lifestyle content featuring Helteko products on your YouTube channel. 

Instagram or Facebook

 Share your experiences with Helteko products through Instagram/Facebook Stories or Posts. Get paid for each compelling story or post that features our products.