Products FAQs


The length is as follows:
- AC cord is 4,92ft / 1,5m
- DC cord is 11,5ft / 3,5m
- Tube length is 2,36ft / 0,7m 

The voltage is:
- AC is 110V
- DC is 12V

It comes with three different adapters to inflate not only tires but also air mattresses, footballs, volleyballs, balloons, swimming rings, and other inflatables. The size of the adapters is: 
- a long adapter is 1,73” / 4,4cm
- a silver needle is 1,53” / 3,9cm
- a small adapter is 1,1” / 2,8cm

The product comes with two fuses. They’re 15A. The size is 0,2”x1,2” / 0,5cmx3cm

It can’t be used for deflation. However, if you need to deflate a tire of a car or bike, then you can do that before the lever is closed. However, please don't try to deflate basketballs, air mattresses, or other inflatables. The item isn't designed to do that

The maximum working pressure is 80psi


Yes, it can. However, you need to use the AC/DC adapter to do that. It should be 10A or higher

It’s normal for the product to turn off when it gets 0.5psi over the indicated pressure because when you detach the valve connector, the tire valve would keep releasing air until the connector is fully detached

You should let it cool down for 5-10 mins after 8-10 mins of continuous work

If the product lacks power, please perform the following:

- start your vehicle engine and connect the product to a 12V 10A ~15A / 120W cigarette lighter outlet
- try to connect it to the outlet in the trunk or another 12V outlet
- connect the product to another car

The product comes with two fuses. They’re 15A. The size is 0,2”x1,2” / 0,5cmx3cm. In order to change the fuse, you should unscrew the top of the plug, extract the broken fuse and insert the new one


It isn’t compatible with the seats that have fixed headrests. It works when the headrests of the front seats are adjustable

The dimensions of the product are 18,9”x24,8” / 48cmx63cm

The size of the tablet holder is 7,8"x11" / 19,8cmx28cm

The dimensions of the top straps are:
- a longer side is 19" / 48,2cm
- a side with a buckle is 6,3" / 16cm

The dimensions of the bottom straps are:
- a longer side is 44,4” / 113cm
- a side with a buckle is 6” / 15cm


Yes, it does. It has a slide-proof construction so that the booster seat won’t move. Also, please make sure to install the product properly by shoving the tab in the base of the seat

The dimensions of the product are 17,3”x32,3” / 44cmx82cm

The product is multifunctional and versatile. You can place it under a baby car seat or booster seat. Also, it can be used for pets, dogs, and cats as a pet seat cover, dog car mat, or cat seat protector. Alternatively, you can use it as a regular front seat cover

The thickness of the seat protector is 8mm. No, it doesn’t. It prevents the seats from stains and indentations


We don't recommend washing the product in the washing machine. Please wipe it with a wet rag, sponge, or soft brush instead.

We use anti-slip materials to make it stable and prevent it from additional movements. Also, it has anti-slip dots for extra grip

Yes, it is. However, the headrests of the front seats should be adjustable for backseat organizer.

The dimensions of the seat part is 18,9”x48,2” / 48cmx122,5cm
The dimensions of the back part is 18,7”x24,6” / 47,5cmx62,5cm

No, it doesn't. The product is made of non-slip material with the thickest padding inside the product to prevent wear and tear.