Types of Seat Protectors

Types of Seat Protectors

Nowadays we spend a lot of time in our cars carrying around different people, animals, and items. If you have kids, you use car seats or seat boosters. Due to this reason, the upholstery (no matter leather or fabric) of the seats can be dirty, worn, or imprinted by child car seats. This’s where car seat protectors are needed. You can’t imagine how many different types of them are on the market. Helteko has two types that consider all the best characteristics like the thick padding inside, anti-slip surface, leather corners, or useful mesh pockets.

Among a variety of car seat protectors, we’d like to highlight the following ones:

  • Universal car seat protectors work for any of your purposes - whether you’re going on a trip with your family or just intend to transport your pets. They’re shaped as car seat backs or seats. Designed specially to fit all children/toddler seats. These seat covers are practical and attractive at the same time. Most importantly, the product fits just about any seat, but make sure the headrest of your seat is adjustable since it has a secure strap at the top to secure it to the seat. Besides, the product also has a tab to fasten it to the base of the seat. Helteko has this kind of protector, which is designed from extra durable materials with the thickest padding inside to reliably protect car seat upholstery. Your seats will definitely be neat and tidy with these seat protectors.

  • Bench car seat covers are one-piece protector that covers the entire backseat. This kind of seat cover is usually used for dog/cat transportation. Once it’s installed, you no longer need to worry about debris, scratches, or crumbs between the seats, as it prevents all of these from getting in. Such a cover has two top elastic straps to wrap around the headrests and two anchors that should be tucked in the crease between the seat back and the seat bottom. Typically, such seat covers don’t have pockets, but they do have a broad range of different designs and color alternatives. Another con is that these types of seat covers are very thin and flimsy.

  • Middle-sized car seat covers will work perfectly if you want to protect the base of your seat and a small section of the back. That seat protector perfectly fits all child seats, especially seat boosters. Due to their design, they can be installed with little effort - just shove the tab into the base of the seat and enjoy your drive. They normally have two bottom pockets for storing different essentials. A slide-proof construction is another distinctive feature of the product, so you don’t need to worry about the movements of your child's seat booster, as it prevents them. The product is ideal for protecting your seat from indentations, imprints, muds, scratches, spills, and other damage. And then, most importantly, they can be wiped clean with a damp rag. Just allow yourself to finally relax and not worry about messes and stains.
It’s important to take care of your seat's upholstery. There are a lot of seat protectors, but most of them imitate protection. They are thin, flimsy, and made from cheap materials, which don't truly protect your seats but furthermore destroy them. For us, the main thing is quality and usability, so you will never be disappointed. Just spend a few hours and try to figure out the best car seat cover that will not only protect your seat but also will be an attractive accessory to your car interior.